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SparkWeb not logging in

SparkWeb no longer logs in for me. Admittedly Ive made some changes to Openfire recently, so I dont doubt that is the cause, but there appears to be no logging from SparkWeb, so I dont know I need to do to fix it (if anything).

I get the login screen, and after entering the username and password, I get the “pinwheel of death”. Basically it just sits there forever. Is there anything I can do to debug this?

My best recommendation at this point would be to download Firebug, if hopefully you are using Firefox, and post what the output in the console is.



Here is the post:

<body xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind" hold="1" rid="488324" secure="true" wait="10" ver="1.6"/>

Here is the response:

  <head><title>Openfire HTTP Binding Service</title></head>
  <body><font face="Arial, Helvetica"><b>Openfire <a href="http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0124.html">HTTP Binding</a> Service</b></font></body>

Anything else you want to see?

Ok, for some reason the appropriate servlet it not being contacted. Try going to the page http://userserver:http-bindport/http-bind/ and tell me if you receive the same response?



Well, that is interesting. It seems to work if I go directly to it, but not if I go through the apache mod_proxy, as I have done before. I dont see anything requesting the wrong host/address/port so Im a little baffled. What else can I look at?

Are you sure you have your proxy setup appropriately?

ProxyPass /http-bind http://localhost:7080/http-bind
ProxyPassReverse /http-bind http://localhost:7080/http-bind