Sparkweb prompts for a password to join a conference that does not require a password

I have 2 conferences I autojoin, 1 is password protected, the other is not, however I am being prompted for passwords by both. The one that does require the password lets me in when I input the password, however the other one does not let me in no matter what I do with it. If I disable the autojoin, log out & back in, it lets me manually enter the room. If I just set the non-password protected conference room for autojoin it works. If I add the password protected one back in I get the password prompt for both conference rooms again. Even when I put the password in for the password protected conference room at this point it does let me in, but it never displays the users. When I go to the list of conference room bookmarks it does not show the room users/content when I join them.


btw, we also have a motD as well if that at all matters.