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SparkWeb SSL Login

Hi All,

I am unable to login into SparkWeb using SSL. The page just refreshes back to the logon screen without error. I have been searching these forums for a week now unable to find a solution.

Quick overvue -

Openfire setup and working fine with Spark Client being able to make secure connections. Openfire server is set to require secure logon. The https page for SparkWeb loads fine.

SparkWeb html config is as follows: server: “myserver”,
bindpath: “/http-bind/”,
location: “myserver”,
port: "7443"
connectionType: “https”,
autoLogin: “false”

If I set the Openfire server security to “optional” without changing the SparkWeb html settings back to non SSL I can login fine but it is not secure.

If I use the newer swf file mentioned in the forums then SparkWeb complains by saying TLS is not supported.

Openfire Server - 3.6.4

SparkWeb - 0.9.0

Using Self signed certificate and SparkWeb is running on a ISPConfig 2 Web Server.

Any ideas, Please?


Hi wr00t,

I have read this document many times and it has no solution to my problem.

As mentioned, everything is working fine accept the secure logon for SparkWeb.

What is of concern is that when I set the OpenFire server to optional security and edit the SparkWeb.html to any “thumb suck” port without using the same port on the OpenFire server, it allows me to logon. There seems to be a problem with the http binding.