Sparkweb support for gateways?

I’m currently testing the recently released open source version of sparkweb, and was able to log in and see my contacts on the local openfire server, but it doesn’t seem to connect to AIM/Yahoo using the gateways. If I connect using spark, it is able to log in to AIM/Yahoo without any problems. In sparkweb, I can see the my AIM/Yahoo contacts, but it lists them all as offline. My question is, does sparkweb support using gateways to talk to external contacts as well as local contacts?

Gateway support is on the roadmap. (appropriately assigned to me, the IM Gateway guy ;D ) But no, it is not yet supported in the same form that Spark uses them. You should still be able to use the transports if you registered using basically anything except for Spark. (Spark registers in a “special” way) Registering from the admin console or from another client would enable your contacts to show up in SparkWeb.

I’m considering SparkWeb for a project, but Gateways for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, are on the must-have list.

Could you tell me a little about how much work is involved, and how long it might take?

I’ll be spending some time creating my own ui on top of what exists today, so I’ll be doing my own UI for the gateway functionality, but I’m not sure what the functionality itself involves…