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Sparkweb upcoming features?

As I understand it the client strategy is to move more towards a web based solution (correct me if I am wrong). Currently the sparkweb client looks and works very good, but doesn’t support secure connections. For an enterprise solution this is a must (IMO). I know its supposed to be working in the next major release but I was wondering if there was any kind of eta on when that might be.

I would also like to be able to customize it when it comes out, will we be able to brand the sparkweb client in later versions? And if not then can the fla’s be provided so we can try and dig through and customize on our own? The main things I would like to be able to adjust are lockdown the servername so users can’t change it, and then get rid of the orange (sorry, it doesn’t really go with our corporate theme). Other then that I wouldn’t change a thing.