SparkWeb + video/Audio Chat

Hi friends,

 i'm newbie to Openfire and sparkweb, i wanted to implement chat and video conferencing in my website and found openfire is good in that, i have installed openfire3.7.1 server also i downloaded the sparkweb 0.9.0 and copied to apache webserver. finally i was able to register some users and able to chat with them. For the video chating i downloaded the red5.war ([]( plugin and copied to openfire/plugins folder. i restarted the openfire server.  i'm not able to see anything in admin console. Do i need to do anything after this? Can anyone instruct me how to do a video chat in sparkweb? i'm not able to find any documentation for this. Please help me to do this steps. Once if i completed this installation i will capture those as videos and i will upload it for everyone usage. Thanks in advance.