Sparkweb with Red5 Audio lagging behind - Any Trouble shooting Tools?

We’re successfully installed SparkWeb with the Red5 additions on our Windows 2003 R2x64. Great work Dele! Now, we’re trying it out and testing settings. We’ve set Openfire Red5 and its SparkWeb app to URL rtmp:/oflaDemo . The Video and Audio are functioning However, the audio delay was inconstitient between clients. While testing clients within same LAN seems to produce good audio quality. The testing of clients several 1000 miles apart produced poor quality audio. ,In the latter use case, the first clients audio was delayed for 2 seconds and the other client’s audio was 15 second. This was determined using a rough rule of thumb measurement. Are there any tools or utilities available for testing?

Have a visit to the Red5 mailing lists archive or google for tips and hints about what values to use for audio and video quality settings as well as bandwidth control. Change the values form the Red5 web page on the Openfire Admin web console. In general, RTMP protocol is TCP based which means it will attempt to resend missing media packets and hence the delays over longer distances depending on the network.