SparkWeb & XIFF Flex Project Source Code


I am posting my flex project after integration Spark Web with XIFF…

I am new to Flex/ActionScript and i am working on this project…

I am able to login with SparkWeb to Openfire 3.7 and populate Roster, Chat with Users

Some of the functionality may or may not work…i am WORKING on it

I will keep updating this one


Shafi (2335105 Bytes)

I compiled with Flex SDK 3.3 ok after changing all “assets/…” references into “/assets/…”. I also tried with latest Flex 4.5, but there are errors. I will fix those errors and make sure it compiles ok with Flex SDK 4.5 before I upload to SVN


i am using flex builder 3.0 and sdk is 3.0…do u have any issues with that?

No, not really. I have both Flexbuilder 3 and Flex builder 4 myself.

However, the project has be accessible by both Flexbuilder and especially SDK users and should compile against the latest Flex compiler which is 4.5 otherwise it will become dead or abandoned again next year.

The latest microphone echo cancellation feature in Flex 4.5 is a very compelling reason to make sure all Flex projects are 4.5+ compatible. I use XIFF in my other projects and it is already 4.5 compatible.

I have now managed to get to compile with 4.5

Gr8!!! where will u place the project…? how can we do File Transfer with XIFF?

SVN for Sparkweb

svn co []( sparkweb

Give me a few days to find the passwords and do an upload

File transfer between two Flash Players without a server using Flex with RTMFP, see

Knight Raider,

You would need to fill in the contributor form,

sign it and send it by email to @Daryl Herzmann

in order for me to upload your modified SparkWeb to the Ignite SVN


Ca u please provide a compiled version of the swf file.

Where to configure xmpp server settings instantly?