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SparkWords toaster time

Is there a way to adjust the time (longer) the toaster pop-up stays on the screen?

Unfortunately, there isn’‘t right now. However, I am working on setting it up so you can configure that and other options. This will probably take a few weeks, as I am very busy right now, but I’'ll get there


what is a Toaster pop up??

Thats when a message pops up at the tray icon. Like if someone comes online, a little message pops up that “Joe is now online”.

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Where is the SparkWords plugin available for download? I’‘ve been all over the jivesoftware.org|.com site and 3 search engines and can’‘t find it…any reference just takes me back to the forums where I find where it isn’'t…Please help!

Hi slowaxe,

The best way to get it is through the Spark -> Plugins menu item, but you can also download it directly from url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/updater/sparkplugs/sparkwords.jarhere[/url].

Hope that helps,