I am trying to take advantage of the plugin? called sparkwords, which as I understand allows individuals to define certain keywords, and when those keywords are entered in a conference, they receive an audio notification.

I can’'t seem to locate this plugin for spark. Can someone point me in the direction of this option?




see for more about the plugins in the SparkPlug forum, is the download link.


thanks very much, I will check it out!

Hi LG,

I downloaded the .jar file to the C:\program files\spark\plugins and exited and reentered Spark, but am not seeing the sparkwords plugin. I also rebooted my machine just do be safe. I am running Windows XP SP2 if that matters and I am on Spark 2.0.1.

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

If it helps, I have also downloaded the translator.jar plugin and I a not able to utilize that feature either. Is there another step I need to take to access these new plugins?



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Hi Brian,

it looks a lot like a broken plugin implementation, for Spark 1.1.4 it works fine while with Spark 2.0.2 I can’'t get the list of available plugins. Maybe the plugins are not compatible with Spark 2.x.

Derek will look at this and we can track the progress here SPARK-380.


Hi LG,

I am running 2.0.1 because I can’‘t upgrade to 2.0.2 it doesn’'t allow us to stay connected. I love what Spark has to offer and am thrilled with the plugins, and would love to stay on the current release, but unfortunately, not able to get it to work with us here.

If I can determine why 2.0.2 won’'t work, I will upgrade, and hopefully the sparkwords and the translator will work for me. Those are two huge features for me.

Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks again!!!


Hi Brian,

it works with the old 1.1.4 version but not with 2.0.2 - as you reported 2.0.1 to be broken also I assume that it is a 2.x issue.


Hello LG,

thanks very much for you escalating this for me!

I am new to this product and really love it and see a lot of potential for us with it.

Thanks again!!!


Hey guys, I asked a developer here to look at this and he believes the reason the plugins don’'t work are because:

  1. plugin.xml is missing the minSparkVersion tag.

  2. The package names have changed so the error in the log states “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/jivesoftware/spark/plugin/Plugin”. The imports need to be changed to reference org, so for this example it should be “import org.jivesoftware.spark.plugin.Plugin;”.

Are the plugins considered open source so we can modfiy this for sparkworks at least?



You can easily add in the minSparkVersion tag into the plugin.xml

Also, you will need to use the libs from the 2.0.2 download.

If you are using the Sparkplug kit to work on the plugin, please make sure you put the libs from your 2.0.2 directory into the sparkplugs\spark\lib directory.

Add this to your plugin.xml

Hi cyclone,

did I miss something?

If I insert in plugins\sparkwords\plugin.xml I can’'t select the Plugins menu any more.


Actually guys, none of that would work. The issue with Sparkwords is that we need the source to be able to modify it to fit the 2+ versions. I’‘ve contacted the owner of the code, but have not had a response back. If I can get the source, i’'ll make the changes.


Hi Derek,

would “cat sparkwords.jar | jad | mail -s Sparkwords Source” help you? Does the license if there is any allow one to decompile it?


I thought the source might have been available and they actually had tried compiling and running it.

Sorry about that.

Hey everybody:

Sorry I disappeared off of the face of the planet and took the SparkWords source with me. Life’'s just like that.

I would be happy to hand the source over to the project. Derek sounds like he wants to put it straight into the main part of the code, and I think that is a wonderful idea. He can probably make it about 100x more efficient since his Java coding skills are way better than mine.

Anyway, I apologize to all and I will get the code to Derek. Now, you can bother him with one more thing ;-).


Great news, thanks for sharing the code with Derek.

Derek, do you have any thoughts on when this will be part of Spark?

Thanks very much,


Any update on this? I download the 2.5.0beta2 hoping to see Sparkwords included. no luck.

We just did an upgrade and many people are unhappy that Sparkwords was removed.

thanks in advance.