Special Character in Away Message Crashes Spark


We have found that when we copied and pasted a message from another system into Spark, Spark crashed with an error of:

Your connection was closed due to an error

It appears that the error is caused by the ASCII character code 001 (SOH)

Is there any way to overcome this through configuration, or does this require a code fix?

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How can i generate that character to test this issue?

The character can be found in attached file. Copy and paste entire line into a Spark message window.

Many Thanks
Error.txt.zip (207 Bytes)

I was able to reproduce now. Actually this is not a Spark issue, but an Openfire bug. I have filed this as OF-515.

Sorry, but Guus says this is not a bug and this character is not supported by XMPP standard and so Openfire is closing the stream.

For info Pidgin deals with this issue and does not allow the character to be pasted into th window.

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