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Special Characters


i have a question in reading special characters such as: ÿžÿ›ÿëÿôÿÙÿ„ÿŠÿÒÿÈÿÚÿ¤ÿ«

the problem is how could i receive them at the other side without being changed. does this depends on the server?

when i got them on the other side i got them either boxes or question marks.


Which transport/protocol are you referring to?

jabber protocol – smack

Just XMPP to XMPP? I’'m not sure what that has to do with the IM Gateway plugin then?

i am sending using gmail. do u have any idea if there is a plugin there?

thanks a lot.

I don’‘t know much at all about GTalk/GMail’'s setup, but I do know the IM Gateway plugin does not have any involvement with GTalk/GMail. =)

Wait a minute. Let me back up a moment. Are you using GTalk as it’‘s built into the IM Gateway plugin? (if so, you are running a busted version of the plugin that was released without my knowledge, so please re-download the plugin from the openfire plugins page if that’'s the case, you should -not- see XMPP or GTalk in your admin console)

Thanks a lot for your reply.

i have 2 other questions.

1- if i use wildfire as the server, can i send special characters?

2- does UTF-8 encoding affect on the way the bytes are sent because as you know it passes through XML parser with UTF-8 encoding?

Many Thanks

  1. The XMPP server should more or less just be passing the data you send on through to the other side. The data you send is expected to be utf-8 encoded.

  2. The XML parsers are expecting to be “speaking UTF-8” (or at least if they are written well they are), so there shouldn’'t be any problems on that front.