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Specifying which LDAP users can connect


I finally pulled of the stunt of connecting Jive to AD!

Anyway, now I wish I could first authorize which users can connect to Jive, because Jive is accepting anyone on the AD user list.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!


Please check out the LDAP filtering feature (in the docs). It lets you apply a filter to deterimine exactly which users should be able to connect.



ivanv, let’'s say you want users that are members of “IM” group to be able to connect: set your searchFilter setting to be something like:

<![CDATA[( &( sAMAccountName= )( memberof= ))]]>


– Dinu

Thanks a lot!

Your information along with LDAP Browser has allowed me to gain more knowledge about this subject and now it all works as I wanted it to!

I’‘m failing to get this to work. I’'ve created a global security group called IM and only want to allow members of that group access. Normal LDAP is working fine but as soon as I put my search string in, it fails.

<![CDATA[( &( sAMAccountName= )( memberof= ))]]>

That is the DN according to LDAP browser. I tried replacing commas with semi colons.

ANything else I can try?



I changed my search string to this and it’'s working like a champ