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Specs Re: Use OpenFire as a transport server

I am currently using Openfire for the IM capabilities, but I also

want to be able to port an existing system to run over the Jabber server.

It would need to be able to support the following:

  1. Up to a 12Kb message limit

  2. Sending binary as well as in ASCII

(I could encode if that’'s what I have to do).

  1. Bandwidth limits / limitations of the OpenFire Server.

  2. A Linux C/C++ library for injecting the above into the server.

Currently I have a windows PC application out there sending through the

Openfire 3.2.2 server I have. The goal would be to route the rest of my

traffic through the same server.

Any help would be appreciated,

Bob Sullivan


The 12k message size won’‘t be an issue, nor will encoded binary data etc. However, the client library (smack) is written in Java so you’'d probably want to consider using that.