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SPI for UserManager

I would like to provide my own implementation of the UserManager and GroupManager for user/group management.

It looks like jive forums supports this does jive message also support this?


Messenger 1.0.x does not allow you to plug in your own persistence providers very easily. It is possible but not straightforward. We know it’'s a very important feature of Forums. Messenger uses a modified version of the Forums user system. However, it is not exposed for easy use by customers in the 1.0.x version.

Messenger 1.1 (about to go into pre-beta testing) does have a provider framework, and we have a partner/customer using it to test integration via both custom direct JDBC and webservices.

If you’‘re an existing Messenger customer and this is a critical feature for you, we can probably work out access to the 1.1 pre-beta. The server is still undergoing changes and has not been tested thoroughly. However, it could get you started on an integration effort which you can deploy with 1.1 when it’'s released.

If you’‘re not a Messenger customer rest assured that simple to implement providers are on their way in 1.1. We still need to settle on the timeframe for release but I’‘d tentatively say it’'s going to be this quarter (fall).