Spining issue

Im having a problem with the chat window, even after the agent has accpeted the chat.

The end user still doesnt seems to get the response and the windows still seems to be spining saying that your request is being routed. I dont know whether it is due to the network or due to the software bug.

Can anyone throw some light on this.



I’‘m running into the same issue, although it only appears to affect Internet Explorer when used with SSL. I’‘d really like to get this fixed since it’'s the whole reason we bought a license.

Can you provide anymore info on this ? How are you deploying webchat ? Any errors in the log ?

We’'re deploying webchat through Apache-Tomcat via Apache-HTTPD using mod-jk.

Connections with Firefox and some IE work OK, however others do not, they are picked up by an agent but then nothing happens on the client side.

However with the same IE we can connect to the test page (hosted on the Wildfire servlet) not using SSL and it will work.

There are no entires in the error logs for either Webchat or Wildfire.

I’‘ve tried to reproduce this issue with just straight tomcat/SSL/IE and haven’'t had any problems. Could you try a straight tomcat setup to see if the mod-jk is causing the problem ?

Will do, however it may be a while as the Test user is out on vacation due to the upcoming holiday.

Ok, we’'ve definetly narrowed ti down to mod_jk. I replaced mod_jk with mod_proxy_ajp and IE now appears to work in all circumstances.

Don’‘t know if you want to persue the mod_jk issue. We’'re quite happy using mod_proxy_ajp.