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SQL Licensing AND OpenFire server

I am using Openfire 3.6.4 in a test environment for about 5 months now. I was given the OK to make a proposal for Go Live.

This is a Hospital, we have 4000 users. SO with that said, I am connecting to a SQL server and using a SQL database along with LDAP integration.

Openfire is running on a Windows 2003 VM.

My Questions is this…

For Licensing purposes>> How many SQL CALS do I need to buy? 1 per user or 1 for the server to connect to the SQL server?

someone please advise.



I am not a licensing expert but have had the need to look at lots of cal pricing lately. That said I would think in this situation openfire would be an indirect connector to sql, meaning its making its connection on behalf of the user. so you can buy 4000 or so cals (which might be expensive) or purchase a cpu cal. the last pricing I saw had a cpu cal for a dual cpu box for a little over $9000, not including the sql license. and a cpu cal is per cpu, not core, so a dual quad core cpu would only be a 2 cpu cal. a sql cal is over $100 per cal, so 4000x100>cpu cal