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SQL Requirements

After speaking with our DBA, I am looking to the folks here on the forum for any recommendations on sizing up the SQL 2000/2005 database. Our company has approx 6000 users, not all of which will be using Openfire as the same time, but we will have a good amount of users (2000+) using it. Our DBA is wanting to know the approx size of the DB which will determine which server to put it on. Any input is very much appreicated!

That depends on if you plan on doing logging of conversations, and if you use LDAP and allow avatars. Logging will greatly increase the db size rapidly, by factors of gigs in my case. LDAP reduces the database load as most stuff is pulled out of your LDAP. The avatars can again increase storage as the images are stored in the openfire DB unless they are contained in your LDAP.

Thanks Todd…most likely no to the logging of messages as we feel it would then be a big brother thing. But hypothetically if we were to enable this, how many GB’s should we expect it to be? Same with the avatars as well. As for LDAP, we are pulling right from A/D which is in the same site as the DB and the server

considering MSSQL is horrible at dynamically downsizing a db (it grows fine), my database with no logging and just 200 users with avatars using AD LDAP is only 1MB, Yes that is right 1MB but I use MySQL because MSSQL sucks. When logging was enabled for testing purposes it jumped to 2GB in a week. What can I say heavy users.