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SQL Server Database Connection Error


I’‘m in the process of evaluating openfire enterprise for my company and I’‘ve been trying for days to get Openfire Setup to connect to the SQL database that I created. I have gone through every option that I have found in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, I have created a login and given it all the rights I could find to give. I’‘ve already enabled TCP and named pipes for the instance. I’m still unable to connect through the openfire setup and I recieve the error " A connection to the database could not be made" I’'m running SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on the same VM as Openfire is installed, and I am able to connect to the database locally and remotely via Management Studio using SQL authentication.

Here is a portion of my error log:

2007.05.31 18:25:01 [org.jivesoftware.database.ConnectionPool.(ConnectionJDBC2.java:297)

… 40 more

Does anyone have any advice or troubleshooting ideas for me?

you may want to check here.


jtds is the jdbc driver that openfire uses. i had similar issues, but i fiddled around until i got something going. i dont recall the exact issue, but it had to do with how the openfire user account was setup in SQL server (user->login mapping and access rights)

if it helps, here is a section of my config…

Once I added the instance name it connected immediately. Thanks a million!