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Sql syntax on emnbegged database?

can we execute sql syntax on emnbegged database?

Embedded DB is HyperSQL, so it is still SQL and most of the syntax should apply. Not sure though about DB Access, but probably it should work. Are you sure such table exists? You can open database file (when Openfire is not running) with a text editor and check (c:\program files\openfire\embedded-db\openfire.script

i want to see how many tables are inside…yeahh

i could execute it, do you have a method to show all of the tables?

I’m not an SQL guy, so no, i don’t know the command.

usually it will be a command similar to :

show tables;

you can then do:

desc tablename;

replacing tablename with the name of the table you want to check out. it will tell you about all the fields and their properties.

Of course the normal caution notice - be careful in there, you can do some damage to a production system!

EDIT: And just a heads up - tablenames Are case sensitive in most databases. I think most openfire tables are prefixed with “of”… so ofBookmark for example.

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@jason , i can’t execute it

Try this:


It appears HSQLDB is slightly non-standard.

I had forgotten my Openfire is running with a MySQL backend.