SRV records and s2s - again

Hi there,

Today I installed WF 3.1.1 on FreeBSD 6.1. Java version is:

java version “1.5.0”

Java™ 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build diablo-1.5.0-b01)

Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build diablo-1.5.0_07-b01, mixed mode)

I immediately notced troubles connecting to hosts where jabber service is not provided by the same host as the jabber domain (i.e. is served by

SRV lookup seems to fail with following error:

javax.naming.CommunicationException: DNS error Root exception is Invalid argument; remaining name ‘’’’

I’‘m not programming Java, so I’‘m not sure where should I go further. Seems like it doesn’'t quite like the name

Hope I can get help.

Happy festive season to all!



Wildfire itself supports DNS SRV lookups.

I really wonder where you did saw “”

this is likely not a DNS name as it contains “_” characters.


Hi there,

“_” is actually a valid character in SRV records. The quoted error message comes from methoid resolveXMPPServerDomain in class DNSUtil in I just added printing of the raised exeption in that method in order to try to find out why SRV were not being used, but rather the jid’'s domain name itself was used for making connections.



I had this issue before, but I thought this was fixed in Wildfire 3.0 and above…

The issue was that Wildfire issued class ANY DNS requests, which aren’‘t supported by my DNS. bind does support it, but dnsmasq (which I’‘m using) doesn’'t.

Hi and thanks for a reply.

I don’'t think the issue is cause by what you say. My DNS server deals with records in ANY class just fine:

km@krot:/home/km> dig -c any -t srv | grep SRV

; ANY SRV 1625 IN SRV 30 30 5269

Any more ideash?



A tcpdump log might help.