SRV records/DNS hosting


can anyone here recommend a DNS hosting service that can set up SRV records for my Wildfire server? Preferably, I don’‘t want to move all the other DNS records for my domain - but my current host can’'t set up SRV records for me



I’‘m pretty sure you’'ll have to move the whole zone to a DNS hosting comapny unless you want to delegate a subdomain.

I’'ve used freeparking in the UK before.

Do my SRV records have to sit in the same zone file as the ‘‘main’’ records for the domain? Could you explain what you mean by “delegate a subdomain”?

I’‘m no DNS expert but if you we’'re using as your XMPP domain then whoever hosts will have to host the SVR records too, they are all part of the same zone.

if you were to subdomain it for example to you can delegate the im. part to another DNS host. your SVR records would then live there.