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SSL and presence problems


Got 2 Problems here. The first one ist, that I get following Warings in the logs:

Error creating secured outgoing session to remote server: jabber.org(DNS lookup: jabber.org:5269)

I found out, that this error only follows connections to jabber.org and jabber.de. Other Servers don’'t cause this waring.

The second Problem is, that I got problems with the presence of Users. Chatting is no problem, but I often see already disconnected people as online and vice versa.

I found following error in the error.log

org.jivesoftware.wildfire.spi.PresenceManagerImpl.probePresence(PresenceManagerI mpl.java:424) Interner Serverfehler (interner Serverfehler = internal servererror)

I don’'t know what the problem is, but everything seems to work fine until I made an update from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1 ans 3.2.2.

For your information: Im using the internal DB, a Suse Linux 9.3

Thanks for your help