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SSL Cert Re-issue Time

Hey everyone.

I’m not very good at all this website management and SSL Certs, so bare with me here.

We have been running Open Fire for several years now, and last year, since we’ve added several new locations to our practice, moved Open Fire to the Cloud so that all of our offices could access. Each office has their own AD Domain, and that isn’t my department. If it were up to me, everything would have been put in the same forest and just kept the AD Auth for Open Fire the same as it always was.
Anyways, after a lot of reading and fumbling about, I finally got a SSL cert installed within the OF instance(a lot more trouble than I ever thought it would have been). Well, now it is time to re-issue the cert. However, the SA is requiring a CSR to re-issue the cert. I cannot for the life of me remember how to create one of these in Open Fire.
I have found several articles on this subject through google, but they are all dated 2017 and older and seem to not be relevant to the current version of OF.
If anyone has some more up-to-date information that they could share, that would be awesome.

Thank You!