SSL Certificate works but still getting warning in "Server Certificates"

I have a recently updated the SSL certificates on our Openfire servers with certificates generated by our institutions on CA which is globally signed by GlobalSign (so not a self-signed cert). Everything seems to work fine but I still receive the "

One or more certificates are missing. Click here to generate self-signed certificates or here to import a signed certificate and its private key." message on the “Server Certificates” section of the admin console. Why is this?

For background, I just use a keystore that contains the server cert as well as the other certificates in the ca_chain.


Yeah, I have the same issue - I have Verisign certs loaded and I get that warning. I just ignore it - Have not encountered any issues.

Maybe it is complaining that i don’t have a DSA key too.

I just wonder if this might be causing the S2S issues, which I am STILL getting after the upgrade to 3.7.1.

OpenFire WILL complain if you do not have the DSA cert as well as the RSA you generated. But you should be safe in ignoring it as long as you know there’s no clients attempting to connect to your server using DSA