SSL Conundrim

Hi Guys,

I’‘m a little upset at the moment since a perfectly working server that I spent 4 hours setting up has just fallen in a heap. I went to create a self-signed certificate as per the SSL instructions. I didn’'t need a CA for it so I just changed the password on the keystore and created the new cert.

HOWEVER… The server now refuses to start! Why? Because it is complaining that, of all things, the password for the keystore has been changed!

I know this. I changed it as per instructions and get to where it says (and I quote):

Open the Wildfire Admin Console in your favorite browser

How can I open the Admin Console if the server refuses to start? What do I do from here? Is there a place somewhere where the configuration is shown in plain text so I can alter the default password? This behaviour seems nonsensical as it would prevent users from using any certificate other than the default ones.


the properties are:



a) Maybe Wildfire starts if you disable port 9091 in conf/wilfire.xml. (not checked)

b) As you need to set them within the admin console you may want to restore the old certificates (extract to temp if you have no backup), start Wildfire, add these system properties and shutdown it.

A quick search in the forum may also help.