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SSL port 7443 Ofmeet Jitsi-meet


How can i install the SSL to port 7443?

It is in:


Or it is by Interface web Openfire.


I have SSL, it is not install in APACHE SERVER.

Is it different?


I have SSL RSA ok, but the SSL DSA is not (there is one SSL by default):


I am upload the CA-BUNDLE SSL but it fail, it put the error:

There was an error while trying to import the private key and signed certificate. Internal server error: The supplied certificate chain does not cover the domain of this XMPP service

I put the PEM of SSL Key and SSL CA-BUNDLE, but nothing.


  1. Install the RSA: key PEM + CRT PEM

  2. Install the DSA: key PEM + CA-BUNDLE PEM = ERROR



Can it be that the certificate that I bought is not useful ?, because the certificate that I have SSL is a wildcard that is valid for * .domain.com

Does Openfire pay you with these certificates or does it require server SSL ?.

Thank you.