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SSL Server Certificates missing after Openfire Restart :(


I’ve some strange problems here. It’s a fresh installation of Openfire 3.6.3.

I’ve done the initial installation through the webinterface. Now I’ve added my DSA and RSA SSL Certificates. They are also showed after import.

BUT, when I now restart Openfire, all Certificates are gone and missing. I’ve to import them again.

Whats the Problem here? The Logs don’t mention anything.


Can the user that Openfire is running as write to the folder openfire is installed in?


Of course, the file permission are right. Openfire has rights to write there.

Has anybody an Idea? I’ve still this problem with 3.6.4…


When you update the certs on the console, do the files change on the disk?


Well, i just tried to import an CA, which worked… keystore growed up.

The keystore also grows, when I create defauls ssl-certs via webinterface of openfire.

But importing my ssl-certs from webinterface, its does not.