SSL Wildcard Cert question

I am currently trying to set up my deptartment’‘s wildfire so that it will use our wildcard ssl cert. So far, I’'ve read the doccumentation provided with wildfire, but am unable to get the cert installed (read: I followed the directions and SSL ends up broken on my server).

My question is, how do I import a wildcard certificate file so that Wildfire can use it? I would appreciate any help with this, including the commands necessary.



I had the same problem and was trying anything that was comming to my mind, but I found no way to import keys into the keystore. I decided to let the keystore create one and export that one, when I needed it anywhere else.



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Thanks. I’'ll look into Keyman.

Try that also. It’'s how I was able to get our wildcard cert working, after having worked on it for almost the entire day.