SSO and changing domain passwords

When SSO is enabled everything works well until a user is required to change their domain password. After this occurs Spark does not automatically use the new credentials. System restarts have not cleared up the issue. The current work-around is to disable SSO and just use the “remember my password” at the login prompt. Problem is seen with Spark 2.6.0 beta 2 under Windows XP and Windows 7 in an Active Directory environment.

I’ve never had that problem. It sounds like you may not have sso configured correctly.

Disable SSO, save, exit, launch, re-enable SSO, good to go. Is there anything with the SSO option that migh be caching somwhere?

disable SSO, and then go into the files. Remove the username and password info.

Then launch spark, enable sso and see if you connect.

Wouldn’t that do the same as I previously posted?

no, because even when you disable sso, it will still try the creds that it has cached in the properties file. The info may be cached from when you tried it with the “remember passsword” option.