SSO and windows 2000

I am running an AD environment, with winxp, win2k3 and win2000 machines. I am installing using an .msi and group policy. Everything works great except windows 2000 machines. For some reason they will not authenticate, it gives the error “Unable to connect using SSO. Please check your server settings”. Any idea’s on why it would work on xp but not on 2000? Thanks for the help.

Most likely windows 2000 needs a different registry setting to make use of SSO.

That is what I thought but wasn’t sure. Anybody have any idea what registry setting I should use?

This is for windows 2000 sp4 or higher:


Value Name: allowtgtsessionkey

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Value: 0x01 ( default is 0 )

Yea I tried that already and it’s all the same except win2000 doesn’t have “\Parameters” inside Kerberos. I tried a few different places in the registry that were close to the same as the ones for XP and 2000 but no luck yet…Looks like I migth be the only one trying this.

You can create this registry value, including the \Parameters container

that is the same key for Vista