SSO Errors / Wont sign on.. help.. pls :)

So I’ve been reading other peoples issues, and trying different configs. 0Setup

and the rtf / doc going around posted on forums… all produce same result.

when i do setspn -l servername i dont see the listing for xmpp – what someone else recommended on another forum

Issue I did notice, is some people say the fqdn needs to be all lowercase.

The Full computer name is “

Does it make a difference if the computer name has caps in it, and the domain name begins with a cap. or should I force it to be all lower-case.

setspn -A xmpp/ xmpp-openfire

Registering ServicePrincipalNames for CN=xmpp-openfire,CN=Users,DC=fake,DC=com xmpp/

Updated object

I get no errors.

C:\Program Files\Support Tools>ktpass -princ xmpp/

FAKECOM -mapuser -pass * -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL

Targeting domain controller: <<<Notice AD name is in caps!

Using legacy password setting method

Successfully mapped xmpp/ to xmpp-openfire.

Type the password for xmpp/

Type the password again to confirm:

Key created.

C:\Program Files\Openfire\jre\bin>ktab -k xmpp.keytab -a xmpp/

Password for xmpp/ Done!

Service key for xmpp/ is saved in xmpp.keytab

this file is then pasted into C:\Program Files\Openfire\resources

I got it working on a different domain controller.

Follow the steps from the guides… I ended up using the windows keytab file. The java one did not work.

Also do setspn - l xmpp-openfire and ensure its listed correctly.

Start with a fresh install. Only configure the A/D… I didn’t install any plugins.

had an issue with setspn…

Use both @DOMAIN.COM and add a service name without the @DOMAIN.COM

setspn -A xmpp/ xmpp-openfire

setspn -A xmpp/ xmpp-openfire