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SSO support for Sparkweb

I been doing some searching and googling on this subject, result are mixed with majority of which says no while I do see a few case of success.

I am not all tech so don’t really have the know how’s to tweak sparkweb to do SSO if at all possible but I figure this would be the place to look for answer and some help.

  1. Can sparkweb do SSO with OpenLDAP? In particular, we like to authen off of our Liferay db

  2. Where could I look for serious openfire/sparkweb development help to get this sorted?

Any referral and ideas are greatly appreciated!

SSO to OpenLDAP?

The directory integration is behind the OpenFire server so any SSO you are looking for should be through OpenFire.

The standard way of doing SSO for anything is to have the web site deliver the challenge and list the authentication types. LDAP isn’t what the web server would deliver as a suitable challenge, expect Kerberos, Basic Auth etc. for this kind of authentication. Kerberos is perhaps the best for doing seamless logons.

Anyway, I’m presuming that what you are asking is for a seamless kind of logon rather than a single logon that uses your OpenLDAP server which you will achieve with any XMPP client connecting to the OpenSpark server.

I think the limiting factor here is that there is no real intelligence or in the SparkWeb site that deals with SSO via the Web site, rather it delivers the whole client as a ShockWave component to the workstation where it executes. IIRC there is no SSO capability in ShockWave yet.

Jamesyan, hello;

I would like to know if you could do SSO from Liferay, to connect directly to Sparkweb. I´m looking for the same information since 3 days ago, but unfurtunatly, I can´t find something about it. In fact, I´m looking for the way to integrate Openfire with CAS.

If you could do it, I will really appreciate if you can help me.

Thanks a lot,