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SSo With GPO

So i have got the MSI working when I pushed it out. I have SSo Working, however when I try to setup the batch script for the settings, it doesn’t seem to stick for some reason…

here are the settings i have

@echo off REM this Check area allows you to not setup a profile for certain machines (such as our servers)
REM Just copy and paste for as many machines as you need.
IF %COMPUTERNAME%==server EXIT REM This Checks if a properites file has been published
REM This way you can update the file rename it here and it will overwrite
REM The settings file. Just change the 1 to 2 here and at the bottom and
REM it will update the properties file
REM you''ll want this because you don''t want it to overwrite on every logon
REM because it will erase the password if they click save
IF EXIST %USERPROFILE%Sparkspark.properties.1 GOTO END REM this section creates the profile with the preferences I wanted
ECHO Setting up new Spark user profile - Please wait!
IF EXIST "%USERPROFILE%\Spark\spark.properties" DEL "%USERPROFILE%\Spark\spark.properties"
SET SPARKPREFS="%USERPROFILE%\Spark\spark.properties" ECHO tabsOnTop=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO checkForBeta=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO startOnStartup=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO lastUpdateCheck=1190636253719 >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO defaultChatLengthTimeout=15 >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO useSystemLookAndFeel=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO notifyOnOffline=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO offlineGroupVisible=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO emoticonPack=Default >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO compressionOn=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO xmppPort=5222 >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO sslEnabled=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO autoLoginEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO notifyOnOnline=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO chatNotificationOn=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO spellCheckerEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO passwordSaved=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO resource=spark >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO showHistory=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO toasterPopup=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO password= >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO username= >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO ssoEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO hostAndPort=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO server=servername >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO showEmptyGroups=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO contactListFontSize=11 >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO buzzEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO xmppHost= >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO chatRoomFontSize=12 >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO emoticonsEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO timeout=10 >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO proxyEnabled=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO windowTakesFocus=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO showAvatar=true >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO debuggerEnabled=false >> %SPARKPREFS%
ECHO timeDisplayed=false >> %SPARKPREFS% REM Remember to change the number here too
COPY Spark.properties spark.properties.1

I don’t know what I could be doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

IF EXIST %USERPROFILE%Sparkspark.properties.1 GOTO END

Shouldnt there be backslashes here?

Try to remove @ECHO OFF, and add a new line with “pause” at the end of the batch file to monitor what it actually does (and what errors you get).