SSO with Windows 10?

I am trying out Windows 10 (currently build 10130), and while I have all my WIn7 Pro clients working perfectly on SSO, I cannot get Win10 to do the same thing. When I attempt to enter the same settings on Win10 that I use in the Win7 clients, I get an error: “Unable to connect using Single Sign-On. Please check your principal and server settings.” I also notice that the “Account” field is “Unable to determine”, on Win10, while it usually has my FQDN Username listed in there.

Any thoughts on what I might need to change?

its likely a permission issues with uac. try running spark using the “run as administrator”. Also, make sure you made the correct registry changes and have a krb5.ini file.

You’re right! Run as Administrator worked. However, I have UAC disabled. How might I get it to run without the “Run as Administrator”?

this happens when a user on the pc has elevated access (local admin). to a computer. in windows 8 and above, UAC isn’t ever really disabled. Anyway, you can work around this my right clicking on spark.exe, select properties. under the compatibility tab, check “run tihs program as an administrator”

This will work when launching from the desktop…however it will not work when launched at startup. to resolve this, you’ll need to launch it using a vbs script, like this

Set UAC = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)

UAC.ShellExecute “C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\spark.exe”, “”, “”, “runas”, 1

I’m pretty sure you can accomplish this via group policy as well, I just haven’t had time to look into it.

Ok, the script works as a standalone launcher, as does setting the desktop shortcut to “Run as Administrator”. I tried to set the VBS script as a login script, but spark doesn’t want to open that way. No errors or anything, but it never opens. Since this issue is only for local admins, that means it only applies to me and one or two other people here, I may just accept defeat on this and manually open it each time. It does seem odd (and annoying) that this program would have such a problem though.

place the script in %appdata%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

I don’t think its a spark/java issue. I think windows just locks down the tgt keys cache more in win8+