I am testing out Openfire on a Win2k3 server with the Spark client on Windows clients. Both are the latest versions available.

I would like to deploy Spark for a number of users in a way that SSO and autologon is enabled, without requiring user intervention at startup. I try to do this by copying a generic file to the profile folder. The problem I having is with SSO. SSO only works when in the fields username and password are present and filled in. Clearly something is wrong here. What is the point of using SSO when you have to provide the username and password? Has someone an idea what I am missing here?

Thanks in advance,


sso falls back to password auth if it fails, so if your username and password are in then sso is failing and falling back. its not a bug, sso just isn’t working for you yet.

there are a couple of guides and numerous posts with good help. have you tried this guide