Stable way to migrate from internal to mysql database on ubuntu 14.02?

Dear community,

maybe a lot of people were asking this before, but I couldn´t find any solutions overhere …

I am using OF V.4.02 on a Ubuntu 14.02 Server. Since it wasn´t a live system I was just trying out the internal database. Now it seems that I need to create a lot of new users and would like to switch to MySql database. There is migration guide online which is from the year 2008. Can I use this one? Or is there any new Migration Guide to convert my data from internal to MySql Database? I would love to take over my already existing users and groups!

Thanks for your help in advance


try this Migrating from HSQLDB to MySQL - Atlassian Documentation

I think openfire database is pretty generic due to supporting lots of databases

Hi Juan, thanks for your help! I will give it a try and give you feedback! By the way some say the internal database is one of the fastest and there is no need to use an external db. For instance, I plan to populate 100 Rosters and maybe 3000 users. Will the internal db still be capable to handle this?

cheers, pentecost