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Stack Overflow at line 5678

I installed Openfire on a prototype network and it worked well. Now the client would like it installed in the production environment, however, we are getting the same problem as referenced in discussion https://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/51272 (This question is Not Answered.) To wit, Stack Overflow at line 5678. Unlike the system in the aforemention post we are running in a windows environment. The servers are Server 2003 and the clients are 64 bit Windows 7. Is this a bug that happens on 2003 or is it our network? The prototype network uses Server 2012 servers and nix/apple/windows clients.

I presume you are logging into Admin Console locally on that server using IE8? You can try some other browser or logging in remotely from another machine with (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome).

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