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Start using SSL in 5 min''s


I spend the day yesterday by trying to get ssl work with my own self-signed cert.:

Here’'s my way to do it:

  1. Download keyman from the ibm site

  2. Use it, open keystore in resources/security folder

  3. Generate DSA

4.Generate CA

  1. Save

  2. Restart Services


I tried to import my own cert. who i have from my sbs2003 installation, it works until someone tries to connect via ssl. The problem i think is that the cert itself has no pass and the keystore does? I used also the -trustcacerts function.

So anybody have doubts on my solutions? Or remarks?


Jive Mess. rocks

PS: it’'s installed on a SBS2003 machine.

If you’‘re using a new self-signed cert then there is no incentive at all to use Keyman. The only reason to use Keyman is if you need to import a private key and cert pair that you can’'t generate yourself… meaning one you paid for.

Since you’'re starting from scratch, just use keytool and follow the instructions in the SSL doc.