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Startup.jar is missing

Please at the …/lib/startup.jar to the Spark startup.sh script. (SVN TRUNK)


Have you generated the jars with the ant?

For example, if you have the spark SVN trunk in /home/nsm/Jive/workspace/spark/ you should execute something like:

ant -f /home/nsm/Jive/workspace/spark/build/build.xml jar

Then you execute Spark from /home/nsm/Jive/workspace/spark/target/build/bin/startup.sh



I am having the same problem. Startup.jar is missing or cannot be found. I can’t get Ant to extract or Eclipse to extract at all. So I am using install4j. However I am new at this and still learning. Any help would be greatly appriceiated on where to put the startup.jar. Thanks.

Happy New Year!