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Startup options under windows

I am using XP with a LAMP stack. I am using Openfire 3.4.5. The MySQL database is running on the same machine as Openfire.

If I start Openfire using an entry in the Programs->Startup menu then the server fires up ok but leaves the console window open on the desktop. It’s working but I’d rather it was mimimised.

To get by this I installed Openfire as a service. The problem here is the MySQL server takes a while to get ready and Openfire fails to startup correctly. If I restart Openfire manually at this point then it is ok as, by this time, MySQL is running.

If Openfire aborted when the database connection is not found then there is an option in Windows to restart a service after an interval. This would work - but Openfire does not abort. Neither does it seem to retry the database connection.

I have just upgraded from a much earlier Jive and I did not have this problem.

It’s not a bug as such but it is annoying.

David Goadby