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Startup Spark


Im trying to get Spark chat, and cant figure out how to continue once i’ve downloaded spark onto my computer. Where to i get a server from and where do i get a license? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

License of Spark is available in the C:\Program Files\Spark\documentation folder. It’s licensed under Apache license. Simply saying - it is free to use.

You have to have a jabber/xmpp server to connect to. This may be you own server (e.g. Openfire, available on the same site here) or a public one. It would help if you tell why did you decide to try Spark or what you want to accomplish.

I would like to use this for a business. i was told to get spark, not for any specific reason at all.

So if I download openfire, i should be able to get a server?

i’ve tried to use our Server, but that doesnt seem to work. I just need everything tobe broken down step by step; im not very good with computers at all.


Well, i would suggest to find/hire someone to setup this for you. There is an installtion guide in the documentation section http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html

After installing it, you will have to run it and then connect to a web based setup via your browser to complete the setup (giving the name for your server, admin password, etc.). Server administration is also done via browser (creating users, groups). After you create a user on that server, then you can try logging in with it in Spark. There is a lot more networking stuff, that you most probably will face, so again, having someone with IT knowledge would help to make it much faster.


When launching Openfire, it asks for “Database Settings”. I get two errors:

“Unable to load the specified JDBC driver. Please verify the name of the driver is correct and that the driver is in the classpath oof this server (usually the “lib” directory). If you add a driver to your classpath you will need to restart the server”


" A connection to the database could not be made. View error message by opening the “\logs\eror.log” log file, then go back to fix the problem.

My understanding is that my server and this program are not connected, or thatit is not the right format…?

For this option to work you have to have a database running somewhere on your network (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.). If you don’t have such, then you can select an option with the Embedded database. This database is meant for testing purposes, though you can use it for small deployments too.