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Static Roster Issue

Hi All,

I work for a small company based out of Michigan Tech, on the outskirts of the Upper Peninsula. We recently started using Openfire for our office IM server. It’s proven to outpace our old ejabberd in nearly every way. The contact list group sharing feature was a huge plus. I’ve got an issue with it though, that I was hoping someone would know a way around.

I’ve got all of our users setup in an AD group that is shared through Openfire to auto-populate everyone’s roster, which works beaufifully. Disparingly, it won’t allow anyone to rearrange their rosters in their XMPP clients. All of the clients are able to move their contacts around, but if they disconnect and reconnect to the server all of the contacts get moved to the default shared contact list that is being served by openfire.

Is there any way to allow my users to reorganize their rosters without having the server reset it every time they reset their clients?



I’m not using AD, but i use Shared groups, and i know that it is impossible to change structure of the shared group on the client side. Shared group feature would loose it’s main purpose - to push administrator’s prepared list of contacts. I think this was done on purpose. But i’m able to create my own group in my Spark and then i can copy contacts that i want to that group.

Thanks wr00t. I had a hunch it was forced that way. I’d like to be able to allow my users to have any layout they choose for their rosters, but some of the IM clients we use don’t seem to support copying JIDs to multiple groups.