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Statistics capability

I saw the auditing thread, but what I’‘m looking for is much simpler: I’'m not interested in auditing/archiving the content of every message but I WOULD like to be able to generate some statistics on server usage; things like number of users logged in, number of messages sent, etc. Maybe even things like total messages sent by a given user.

Is there anything available today that would provide information like this, or would it be something that used the full audit logs and simply stripped them for aggregate information? Does anyone have anything like that?


yes, statistics fremeworks is planed to implement, you can read about it in April 27 Group Chat transcript (http://www.jivesoftware.org/group-chat.jsp) where Matt is taliking about this feature. Not sure about roadmap. It seems Matt didnt create an issue in JIRA for that feature yet. Maybe in some 2.2.x version.