Status in SPARK isn't updating

SPARK: 2.7.3 build 715

Openfire 3.10.2

LDAP Integration


  1. Users’ status will not show correctly. They will be showing as offline, when they are online (or vice versa). It doesn’t do this for everyone, and I can’t detect a pattern of specific people.
  2. We “share” some of AD groups with users so they will have pre-populated and auto-populated groups. I’ve noticed that some users will appear in the list twice, and the status is different for both instances of that user account (ie, it will show ONLINE and OFFLINE)
  3. If I LOG OFF and LOG ON to the Spark application, it seems to clear it up for a while.

We are running the most current releases of Openfire and Spark. I’ve read that other uses have that same/similar issues - dating back as far as 2006. The applications work very well and meet our needs perfectly…except…it is unreliable with the user status.

…any suggestions?



I can only suggest about the duplicating contacts. This can happen in Spark when it reconnects after network connection loss and when recconection display is set to ‘display as panel’. You can switch it to ‘display as group’.

Thank you. Where can I update the display as group setting?

Spark - Preferences - Appearance (at the bottom)

Thanks…that did the trick!