Status Message While Offline

Is there a plugin that will extend Spark so that it will show the last known status message for a person whose status is offline? What we’d like to do is use Spark as a sort of presence monitor for people in the office. And if they go away for a few days, we want to show that they will be out of the office until a certain date. We can achieve this if the user remains logged in, but cannot if the user chooses to shut his/her system down or log out of Spark during their outage.

Any ideas? I searched quite a bit, but mostly came across threads where people were having technical issues with status messages. In this case, I’m looking to modify the functionality of Spark/Openfire. But hopefully, someone has done that already!

Hey David,

As you may know the functionality for storing a status next to the last unavailable presence is already supported by Openfire. Moreover, in Spark you can choose to log out with a reason where you can enter the message that you want other users to see when you are offline. From the roster you should also be able to see the last reason/message you enter while logging out.

I just tried this case using Pandion and Spark and it worked for me.


– Gato

Thanks, Gato. I looked around thinking it was a native feature, but must have missed all the indications. In Spark on OS X, I can’t even find the “log off” option. I must be going crazy. Anyway. I’ll dig around and make sure everyone is using this option.