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Status messages not sticky in Spark (Spark damages relationships.. ha ha)

Hi, I have quite an amusing story and a question to the developers.

One of our Staff was complaining that her boyfriend wasn’t talking to her for most of the week.

Apparently he saw her online using Spark, Openfire & the msn gateway… and saw her MSN personal message as “I’m availible”…he assumed that had another meaning.

Anyway, I have noticed that even if you change and save the status message in spark, it immediately defaults to “I’m availible” when you restart spark.

Is there a way around this? is this a bug?



GOOD ONE! (both the story and the request)

Thanks for the laugh today Noahod

Sherry (COPClient)

Interesting story

We had a discussion about this http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/28842?tstart=30

This is not a bug i think. But i would second your request to have an option to preserve Spark presence status after logout.

Thanks for that