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Status of sparkweb repository

We are thinking of starting to use Sparkweb within our organization. A requirement would be to localize the interface to also support Swedish. Found from this forum information giving me a feeling this should be doable. I checked out the source and from what I can read (i’m not really a developer) it should only be a matter of adding a new localize-file to the locale directory. What I however also found is that the code seem to be in somewhat a mess. It would seem the XIFF library have gone through a major update while Sparkweb have not, still I see the XIFF (trunk) defined as an external inside the sparkweb repository. I have spent a couple of hours cleaning the code by setting correct paths, renaming changed method calls etc but since I have never written a row of AS i’m stuck now. Is someone who know this code willing to help out and bring the trunk back in a state where the Sparkweb could be built or is there any other way ?

I have managed to get the compile error down to only four errors.

Brgds Jonas Israelsson