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Status of whack?

Whack is a library for developing external server components. I’m able to download it from the svn and it’s sample programs are working at the very least.

But does anyone know its current status? Is it completed? or half-dead? or some known issues? etc.

Or if anyone can recommand some comparable library in Java? Thanks a lot.

Hey slando,

Thanks for finding Whack!. Whack is being used by Jive as a way to connect Clearspace to Openfire as an external component. That means that even though there is no public news we do support the library. If you check out the revisions in SVN you will see that we keep improving the library (although only when we have to). Having said that, Whack is in a stable, usable and production ready state. However, we don’t have more bandwidth to finish some wrap up work and make it widely public. But if anyone out there wants to collaborate in this project I would gladly guide and assist this person.


– Gato

Thank you, Gato. I’m very happy to know these. I’ve already started using it, looks good. Now, I’m confident with it.