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Status update

Hey all,

The intention of this post is to provide a quick status update and let you know that in a few weeks an alpha version is going to be available. At this point we have figured out the protocol to use to communicate the server with Connection Managers. We have written a proto-JEP that is going to be reviewed by StPeter. The JEP is based on JEP-114: External Components, TLS & SASL negotiation as defined in the XMPP RFC and also in JEP-0138: Stream Compression. The plan for this week is to finish the server side required changes and validate that the spec is complete and correct.

On a side note, we are also being helped by some community members to implement non-blocking sockets. The code is also going to be included and will have a status of experimental.

Stay tuned for more news…


Wildfire team

This sounds very exciting! Can’'t wait for more details as they come out.